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He sits opposite you, your views are found, the spark runs out … But here is your stop: it’s time to go out! Did you have this? As a rule, such fleeting loves do not end with anything. But the Englishwoman Seattle Sims did not agree with this outcome – she was looking for a guy he liked for two years. Now they are together.

In 2019, the Englishwoman Seattle Sims was traveling on the bus, and suddenly her gaze fell on the guy sitting opposite – she immediately liked him. Young people smiled at each other. Then the girl did not dare to take any action, so she just went out at her stop.

Nevertheless, you can’t deceive fate – after a few months, Sims again collided with a pretty stranger in public transport. However, this time none of them took the first step. Only now, after the second meeting, Seattle could not throw the young man out of her head and decided to find him at all costs.

For this, the Englishwoman registered in the application application – in the questionnaire she indicated that she was looking for a stranger. “I looked into my eyes and smiled at the guy in bus number 70 in November 2019, and then the story repeated after a few months. If it was you – click the Super Lick button, ”the girl wrote.

It’s hard to believe, but the guy really somehow found her page. And decided to contact her. “Okay, it can be a little uncomfortable, but you accidentally wrote about me? I usually travel by bus number 70 and remembered you – a sweet red -haired girl with a ring in the nose, ”he wrote.

It turned out that his name is Greg. The young man suggested Seattle to go on a date. Of course, the girl agreed. After several meetings, Sims posted a video in Tiktok, in which she said that now she and Greg couple. But it all started with a simple smile!

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